Counter Communities

(2003) 40 mins, colour, USA/Germany. D: Oliver Croy és Oliver Elser

The USA has long been a good place for alternative life styles and experimental forms of architecture. Even when the ‘New World’ had long been settled, new groups continued to form with the aim of realising their own ideas for ways of iving. Counter Communities is a documentary film on five alternative architecture projects in the USA that all share common origins in ‘Utopian tendencies’ of the 1960s/70s. What interests us in the individual projects is the innovative use of building materials (garbage, such as car tyres, for example) and the fact that a specific social model has been realised in each of the sites visited. The built manifestation of these models corresponds to a particular lifestyle, for which we have chosen the title Counter-Communities. Our aim was to illustrate the current state and the history of these five projects, showing which direction the original ‘idealistic’ impulses have developed.