Foreword: David Mozny, András Onodi and Zoltán Kovács

Virtual soul waste (2008) – 3 min, Czech animation, D: David Mozny

Crumbling scenes of buildings and empty rooms evoke the intimate atmosphere balancing between cosiness and cataclysm. It is made out of digitalised offset prints taken from books on 70’s socialist architecture and houskeeping.

The third and the seventh (2009) – 13 min, Spanish animation, D: Alex Roman

A FULL-CG animated piece that tries to illustrate architecture art across a photographic point of view, where main subjects are already-built spaces: Louis Kahn’s Phillips Exeter Academy Library. Architecture through cinematographic lens: a visual fusion between the third and the seventh arts.

The Zoo – Funkstörung (2005) – 1 min, German animation, D: Zeitguised

A lighthearted piece that affirmates the facility of synthetic constructions against the heavy, serious notion of established constructions, including CG’s own means of photorealism. Reality is sliced, dissected and distorted.

Strata #3 – Bordeaux (2009) – 3 min, Spanish animation, D: Quayola

The Strata project investigates the improbable relationships between contemporary digital aesthetics and icons of classical art and architecture. Like in geological processes, layers belonging to different ages interact with one another producing new intriguing formations. Commissioned by Evento and Lumin for the Bordeaux Art & Architecture Biennale.

Architecture (2008) – 2 min, Australian animation, D: Bruno Barthas

Photoshop-tetris in New York.

Rahova (2009), 8 min, Czech animation, D: David Mozny

The film composites an inside view into the architecture and the elements of construction showing the vulnerability of a formerly pre-fabricated living environment; showing dystopia in a playful, rather than depressing way.

Olympic Sized Tantrum (2010) – 3 min, English animation, D: Sculpture (Reuben Sutherland, Dan Hayhurst)

View of Olympic construction site from rooftop, Hackney Wick, London.

Camera Track – Test 1 (2008) – 1 min, Hungarian animation, D: Lőrincz Áron

It’s a disaster!

Theoretical Block (2010) – 4 min, Hungarian animation, D: Lőrincz Áron

Does Budapest need skyscrapers?

Twisted reality (2008) – 2 min, D: Johannes Guerreiro, Margarita Jusük, Krystian Majewski, Arlon Stok

Something strange is happening in Cologne.

Sculpture Is? (2009) – 2 min, English animation, D: Sculpture (Reuben Sutherland, Dan Hayhurst)

A disc-animation by Reuben Sutherland and Dan Hayhurst.

Northampton School for Girls (2010) – 1 min, English animation, D: Sculpture (Reuben Sutherland, Dan Hayhurst)

“R said something to me about duplicating the average of light across triangles. Ok sure. Found 78 rpm recording of Northampton School for Girls Senior Choir. All made perfect sense. Office of Interplanetary Trade Fairs interested?”

Peripetics – the Installation of an Irreversible Axis on a Dynamic Timeline (2010) – 3 min, German animation, D: Zeitguised

Imagination of disoriented systems that take a catastrophic turn, including the evolution of educational plant-body-machine models and liquid building materials.

Peripetics_ex_machina (2010) – 2 min, German animation, D: Zeitguised

The making of Peripetics.

Giant steps (2001) – 2 min, Israeli animation, D: Michal Levy

A delightful exploration of the abstraction of space, architecture and the city brimming with color and jazz. A music animated short film to John Coltrane?s masterpiece.

Visual Music – Amon Tobin (2008) – 2 min, German animation, D: Jan Schönwiesner

A music video about a man trapped in a dream. His world, consisting of “plattenbauten” begins to fall apart…

Berlin block tetris (2009) – 1 min, Lithuanian animation, D: Sergej Hein

The blocks were so similar in Soviet times that you could easily wake up at a friend’s place in another city and still feel like you are in your flat. Even the furniture was the same.