A City in Chandigarh

(1966) 54 mins, colour Swiss. D: Alain Tanner

The year 1947 was significant in the life of Punjab province: the territory was divided between Pakistan and India. For the portion of the latter country needed to be planned a new capital according to the idea of Albert Mayer and under the responsibility of Le Corbusier. The architect couldn?t finish his work, but Alain Tanner?s film shows, that the year after Le Corbusier?s death, against the uncompleted conditions, the city had already 120.000 inhabitants. The film introduces the modern way, how Chandigarh was constructed through long static- and several travelling shots. Taking even the climate into consideration during the planning procedure, breaking the old social rules was not successful; they still had effects on the level of education and income, making the chance of the construction workers absolutely impossible to live in the city they built. The film also presents the Le Corbusier?s optimism and commitment towards architecture as a metaphor of reaching aims, winning through prejudice and creating new relations, being aware of the fact that all these things will be felt in long term.